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Thanks to our thirty-year experience in the field of stainless steel processing, we have managed to create and provide a high-quality product that has stood out in the national and international market.

Our little reality in Treviso has more and more expanded its own network and it has succeeded in overcoming national borders and being successful in the international market too. Our high quality product speaks at our place.

A certified raw material of exclusive European origin combined with our precision and customer care have allowed us to show up and ensure high standards to our customers.

Customer care is the foundation of our daily work. The desire to respond to the most various demands of the market and the will to find the perfect solution to meet our customers’ requirements have led us to address 50% of our turnover to personalized products following client specifications.

Experience, reliability, flexibility and timing are our strengths.


Our company is now a national and international landmark for stainless steel valves and pipe fittings manufacturing in the wine, food, dairy and chemical industries.

Two-way and three-way ball valves, butterfly valves, pneumatic valves, relief and nitrogen valves, decanters, sampling valves, level holders, sight glasses, cleaning systems, pipe fittings DIN, GAS, GAROLLA, SMS, CLAMP INCH, MACON, AUSTRIA THREAD. These are the main items of our wide production that aims to provide a total supply for tank construction and installations in the field of stainless steel.



Via Lombardia 12
31050 Monastier di Treviso (TV) Italy
+39 0422 898977+39 0422 898263